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Earth Day 2022 at Haywood Community College (HCC)

Updated: May 6, 2022

For Earth Day 2022, Dr. Susan Roberts' Biology 140 students researched Haywood County organizations engaging in outdoor tourism; land, water, and soil conservation; nature and climate education; agriculture; gardening; and the arts. Each student used the research to create lively displays for the public to learn about the many programs and projects that contribute to our high quality of life. Students explained their posters to the public in an Earth Day program in the foyer of the main HCC auditorium on Thursday, April 21.

Dr. Roberts' positive approach, combining science instruction with community-related engagement, has long been shown to produce high-quality learning applicable to careers.

Displays, participating students, and visitors are pictured below. (Only the names of students who chose to give them are listed.)

Top left: Haywood Waterways Association Kids in the Creek display by Brayden Brookshire. Second from left: Recycling Contamination poster.

Top center: Two visiting Greensboro climate activists Shannon Wiley and Michelle Eley of NC Agricultural and Technical University; Dr. Steve Wall, M.D., a co-founder of WNC CAC; and Kendal Burnette, HCC student.

Top right: Plastics contamination and recycling display.

Second row, left: Creation Care and Creation Care Summer Camp by Anna Belle Lamar and Naomi Gevjan. WNC CAC Y3 youth conservation project student with WNC CAC Y3 Chair Jim Geenen. Right: Local Businesses and organizations that rely on Tourism Along the Blue Ridge Parkway by Brayden Bryant. Below this photo: Interact Club by Ephraim Overstreet and Isabelle Morris.

Third row, left: HCC students greeted attendees and gave them original nature-themed art; with First United Methodist Church 3Rs Committee member Judy Starnes . Below: Recycling Education at HCC by Jasmine Porter.

Center: WNC Urban Farms, Asheville, owners Josef and Lenka Stejskal explain their non-profit to three students. Third row right: Posters on solutions underway for Trees in Trouble, Bats, and Hellbender Salamanders by Sage Tuft.

Fourth row left: WNC CAC posters by Kay Koch. Center: Outdoor Mission Community by Rebecca Cook and BYOBagHaywood by Dwayne Odvody. Below them, center: Plastic bags tower display by the 3Rs committee of WNC CAC. Right: Natural Soaps by Nadia Fuentes with Jackson's poster and recipes for homemade, sustainable household products.

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